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September 13, 2012 by Diana

So, here I am. This is my new “DM Exclusives” blog. I lost my previous blog on Blogger, back when I switched my store over to Etsy, so I shall start anew! I decided to take a different approach with this blog and talk a little bit more about who I am, where “DM Exclusives” originated, and give you some insight into my world, rather than just focusing on my products. I’m not somebody who usually shares a whole ton of personal information or allows others, besides my family, into the inner workings of my little mind, but hey, what the heck? There is a real person behind my business, so why not share a little of that with you…

This is a good time for a fresh start for me anyway, as lately I’ve become more focused on channeling my positive AND negative energies into my creative outlet — my jewelry and crafts! Having a little spare time each day to work on these sorts of things is what keeps me happy, sharp, and well, to be quite honest, somebody my little family would actually WANT to spend time around! When I get frustrated or down, I find that just a little time spent drawing, designing some new jewelry, or sewing sends my worries packing…at least for a little while!

I opened my store in 2008. After investing a LOT of time researching how to run my own small business, receiving a LOT of encouragement [and some pretty awesome web design] from my wonderful husband, and a LOT of time thinking it over, I finally had the courage and motivation to give this a try! My thoughts were, “What’s the worst that could happen? I don’t sell anything and I close the website.”  That’s not so bad! Well, not only did I sell things, but I received a lot of compliments, as well. It was so rewarding and satisfying to get such positive feedback from my customers! I’ve never been somebody who is bursting with confidence or feels quite like I do much anything right and to hear people say that they love what I created – what my brain came up with when I looked at all those random beads, wire, and findings, is such a great feeling! 🙂

When I found out I was pregnant with my sweetheart baby boy, Braden, I had even more ideas for new products flooding my brain. (Anyone who knows me, or has visited my house, knows that I will often get ideas for projects faster than I can complete them! This sometimes leaves things in disarray with little craft items sprinkled about my house for a little while until I reel myself back in and focus on completing ONE project at a time!) I started adding baby items – hats and blankets – to my store. I think I made Braden like 50 hats while I was pregnant. Once he was born, I soon learned he does NOT like hats! Haha!  Well, darn! I hope to add more items to my baby products throughout the winter months because these are something I love to create, too, even if Braden won’t wear them… hmmph!

I am having a great time with my second (third, fourth, fifth?) job, which I can’t even really call a job because it is just fun. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a baby who still takes 2 naps daily, even at 15 months, so between that little bit of “free” time each day and my renewed energy to organize and work on my store, I hope to have a fresh line of products for the fall and winter months. It has been bugging me that I haven’t made a whole lot of new stuff in a while.  Some custom stuff, but nothing new posted to the store.  I hope to change that soon! 🙂

Thanks to all of you who support me, encourage me, and love me. I would never have had the courage to do this without all of you! ❤

My motivation and inspiration – Braden!


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