Feelin’ happy!


April 20, 2013 by Diana

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This post isn’t about beading, or crafts, or being creative… it is about something larger than those. This little guy makes me so incredibly happy.  He is my sunshine when I’m feeling crummy or when I need a pick-me-up!  He is amazing.  It has been an extraordinary experience to watch him learn and grow over the past (almost) two years and so rewarding to be the one he calls “Mommy.”  I can say I am truly happy in life now.  This sweetheart definitely makes life complete!

Today I didn’t get to work in my newly redecorated office that I posted about yesterday.  I didn’t get to make one darn thing! But you know what? That’s ok!  What I did get to witness was my little boy admiring and “helping” his Daddy with what would normally be a mundane task!  We took him to the garden center with us to pick out some new plants for our front yard and boy did he love it!  He got to explore all the plants and flowers.  Then he got to…*gasp!*…PUSH the flower cart!!! I could just tell he felt so helpful and important when he pushed the cart all the way to the car!!! It was so cute and funny to watch!  Here is this little munchkin, barely able to grasp his little hand around the handle pulling the big cart down to the car (with Daddy by his side, of course! — we’re not totally crazy!). An older couple stopped in their tracks, giggled and smiled.  “Would you look at that!” exclaimed the elderly man.  “Oh, this brings back memories!!!” commented his wife.  I realized at that moment that someday that would be me and my husband thinking back about Braden and I wanted to soak the moment in!  Of course, I had my camera on my phone already up and loaded, so I snapped some photos! (Those who know me well, know how ridiculous this statement is — of COURSE I had my camera! ;))

I know looking back, I will cherish the moments like today when my son is all grown up! In the end, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get to do exactly what I had in mind every day. My Braden comes first and I am rewarded each day with his silly sense of humor and entertaining antics! He makes each day worth living! 🙂

Dada's little helper!

Dada’s little helper!


One thought on “Feelin’ happy!

  1. alellsworth says:

    Maybe we can get his help with grandma’s garden too!

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