The week with Braden…

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August 23, 2013 by Diana

Life This Week!

This post is for all my fellow Mommas out there who can relate to all the nose-wiping, boo-boo kissing, diaper changing, and tantrum taming excitement I’ve had this week! Braden is 2.  Need I say more? He is such a sweet little boy and I would not trade him for the world, but being a Mommy is surely exhausting!

With a VERY strong affinity for dump trucks (or ANY truck! garbage truck, tow truck, oil truck, ice cream truck, truck with ladders, truck with trailer, red truck, white truck, lawn truck, firetruck….), construction equipment, trains, airplanes, basically anything with wheels… this baby is all BOY! Do you know I had to watch, not one, but two You Tube videos about garbage trucks? First of all, who knew there were so many different kinds? And maybe more importantly, why did somebody make videos about garbage trucks? Why? Because all the little Bradens of the world are sitting there, mouths hanging open, eyes wide, awestruck with the garbage truck! 😉 It’s hilarious!

Growing up with no brothers and 2 sisters, I have to say I find him so amusing!!! He is so entertaining to hear making digger noises in the other room while I’m doing dishes or creating “uh-ohs” only for me to walk over to check it out to find either: 1. a massive traffic jam, 2.  a massive collision, or 3. trucks “stuck in the mud” all over the living room! ha! ha! And his sidekick Cookie Monster always seems to be a culprit, too! 😉 I see those eyes peeking out!

In our growing community, we are lucky? enough to always have construction going on in one place or another, so this week Braden and I got to watch the digger (that is the technical word for it, is it not? ;)) working on the site where our new CVS store is being built. You should have seen the look on his face.  Behind those cool-guy sunglasses, those eyes are as wide as quarters and he even managed to whisper a couple of “wows!” through that pacifier! 🙂 If only we could read his mind! “Did somebody say this site needs a foreman?”

The library has been a welcomed treat lately, too. I decided it was finally time to go check it out.  I was always afraid of Braden tearing up the joint, but he did surprisingly well!  Of course, he managed to find the shelf that has all the books about trucks, trains, airplanes….So needless to say, we left with what felt like a 50 pound sack of books! 🙂 I think we had 15 or 20 in all!!! I cannot say I have ever checked out 20 books.  Or at least not since college!

On Thursday I was so excited to have a “Mommy” day! It is weird to be without my little guy! I’ve only been away from him like this (besides work) twice in 2 years! His little hand reached up and waved bye-bye and I felt a little sad as DaDa drove him away from me! I have almost forgotten what it feels like to have more than a couple hours of free time while Braden naps. Once they left, I felt confused about what I should do next!  Nobody to take care of? You mean I could do….whatever I want??? Weird. Braden had an awesome time with his sweet Grandparents and got to ride on the train and everything! He was talking about it all week! I got to get out and do some errands and shopping — ALONE! 🙂 It was fun to hear all about his adventures with Grandma and Grandpa! Of course he was very impressed with the train!

Today Braden was sick. Like throwing up in the middle of the night, fever, nose running all over – sick. The whole deal. The poor guy has been sick every single week since he started preschool in JUNE! So, I mostly wore my Mommy hat today and managed to post a few products while he was napping, but that’s it.  I am hoping to squeeze in a little beading time tomorrow, but I guess we shall see! Life with a baby is certainly interesting, to say the least! Each day is a surprise! As Forrest Gump would say, “You never know what you’re gonna get!” 😉 As this week winds down, and next week begins, I am curious and excited to see what new words, ideas, and antics Braden will come up with next! He gets smarter and more fun each week! But the weeks do go too fast…

So, my friends, with that I bid you adieu! Off to bed and hopefully no surprises tonight! 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!



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