“Handmade” Jewelry?

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September 12, 2013 by Diana


So this is J. Crew’s pavé link bracelet, which retails for something like $125.  While it is stunning, the hefty price tag leaves a lot of ladies searching for a knock-off version, which I do not fault them for! What irritates me are the people that buy the knock-offs in bulk from China, list them on Etsy claiming they are “handmade,” and make a ridiculous profit!  Need proof? See the photo below!!!


For those of us that use Etsy legitimately, as artisans, it really angers me to see people using it as if it were an eBay store! Where, by the way, you can find the same bracelet they are selling on Etsy for a fraction of the price — like $20!


I saw one ridiculous Etsy “shop” selling it for $125! The price of the REAL J. Crew version!!! AND she had thousands of sales! Why didn’t anybody realize she is just buying them in bulk from China (which brings the cost down to about $5 a bracelet, which I know because I was so mad I researched it) and marking them up!!!  I’m confused.

I know there are people like this everywhere, but it is annoying to try to compete with this type of “handmade jewelry shop” for sales.  So, before you buy something like this on Etsy…do me a favor, please! Research it a bit and I bet you can find it cheaper yourself AND help get these imposters off of “handmade” sites like Etsy! Seeing people rip off designs and ideas and market them as their own is something that always burns me!


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